Winter Favorites

I thought I’m too late for this post but since temperature in the North (and other parts of the world) is dropping, I can finally post this.

Before that, I’m SO SORRY for not being regular. Even as I type this, I have an exam tomorrow and I’m writing to unwind myself and get over the studying saturation so I can start studying for tomorrow haha.

Below I’m listing some of my winter absolute favourite products to use. I’m a sucker for bath and body essentials and looooove collecting them, so why not do a post!

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-17 at 5.59.45 PM.jpeg1.Victoria’s Secret – Midnight Dare body splash

This is in fact the newest one in the lot. I bought it because its so so flowery and wintery and feminine and smells oolala.

2. Body Shop – Wild Cherry body Lotion

Ideally I use a body butter in winters (which I’ll mention below) but I tried used this lotion this winters and it smells really good and is very very hydrating.

3. Bath and Body Works- Lemon Lip Cream

Leaves your lips all lemon-y and moisturises them with it’s cream formula. What I do not like is that it doesn’t stay for too long 😦 Just go for Baby Lips instead of spending on this tbh.

4. Johnson Baby – Oil

LIFE SAVIOUR. The only thing I remove my make up with. I even use it post a bath sometimes when my body is too dry. Absolute post-waxing and shaving formula as well since it prevents itchiness and rash.

5. Victoria’s Secret- Midnight Exotic body lotion

I like using it when I’m heading out in the evening and sometimes when I want to skip wearing perfume because this makes you feel so dreamy and the fragrance is beautiful! Love the moisturising formula too.

6. Lacto Calamine

Won’t support a particular type of Lacto Calamine because I simple love all their varieties (even though there are only two lol). I have been using it for years to prevent acne (Click here to read my article on how I prevent acne). It’s the only moisturiser I use on my face at night because  have a combination skin and everything else makes it so oily.

7. Claire’s Patisserie Lotion

By the time you reach here, you must have already understood that I LOVE collecting lotions. I won’t hype it up, but you know this is the first chocolate milkshake lotion I’ve ever come across. Literally smells like you’ve jumped in a pull full of chocolate milkshake and is yummylicious!

8. Bath and Body Works- Watermelon Lemonade Hand Nourishing Cream

MUST BUY. I think this smells the BEST out of above listed products. I have a friend who tried to steal it because she loved it so much lol and it leaves your hands smelling the BESTESTEST. I am unsure if its available in India but if you are abroad, buy it ASAP and thank me 🙂 🙂

9. Victoria’s Secret PINK- Warm & Cozy glitter body splash

This is my winter’s body splash since a year now because it smells so so wintery and warm and moreover its with glitter, so perfect for a night. I have been using this fragrance since years and swear by it, I literally have all the products in their Warm & Cozy collection. (I’ll mention one below).

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-17 at 5.59.56 PM.jpeg

Lastly, this is my ULTIMATE winter body body butter (Victoria’s Secret PINK- Warm & Cozy Body Butter). It also has glitter in it and is so, so moisturising. Leaves you feeling absolutely great with its warm fragrance and buttery texture and glitter and it is oh-so-amazing!

This is it until my exams end! I will try to answer as many questions in my inbox to make up for the missed out QOTWs. Stay tunes lovelies!



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