Frequently Asked Weird Questions

There are a lot of questions in my QOTW list which are yet to be answered and haven’t been answered yet, a lot of them because similar questions have been covered or have been included in a blog post. Moreover, some of them are just so, so out of space that  I cannot answer them.

So today, I’d like to straight away answer some Frequently Asked Weird Questions :

I am X kgs Y years old. Need to lose at least 10kgs for my wedding which is in a month.please tell what to do.

Please spend more time with a stylist working on clothes which don’t put attention on your heavier parts.

I am X kgs need to lose 20 kgs. Please give a diet and workout plan. *Ordering tone*

I can’t. I am not a certified gym trainer nor have I professionally learnt anything about nutrition. I could tell you all the wrong things and you might end up with a serious injury (I’m just kidding because I wont tell anything at the first place lol). I write out of research and books and experience, mainly. Thank you for ordering though *rolls eyes*.

I have PCOD/ Heart problem/ Hypothyroid. Help me lose weight.

OMG VISIT A DOCTOR. I will get sued for misguiding you guys! Please visit your doctor and take his guidance on losing weight and save me from being behind the bars.

Need to lose weight fast. Please help!!

If you didn’t gain it fast, you won’t lose it fast either. Change your attitude towards losing weight. Stop rushing for the results, embrace the beautiful process of your transformation!

I have no time to workout, please tell me how to lose weight.

If you don’t have time, its not that important to you because we all make time for important things, even if its just 15-20 minutes a day. Something is better than nothing.

Liked your Instagram/Quora. “Can you friendship with me?”


On a different note, I shall do a non-sarcastic FAQ next week or sometime! 🙂 An update about my workout routine, I had to discontinue T25 because I strained my knee and I will be joining the gym for 20 days (gymming after 9 months!!) to strengthen my knee and do cardio which doesn’t strain my knee because almost all body-weight exercises pressurise knees. I am so lazy to go to the gym but agh, lets just hope in a month’s time my knee gets perfectly fine and can take high intensity workouts again!

Oh, and I apologise (again) for not answering for QOTW. Too many assignments. I’m so sorry if your question has been unanswered for too long, just leave it in the comments section for a fast response instead!



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  1. Hi Niharika!

    I always follow you on quora, keep reading what you answer, but first let me say it, you are stunning, gorgeous and very very pretty, the way you’ve transformed yourself is really inspirational I actually needed something like this where fitness issues are answered , thanks for that 🙂

    So, I’m Santosh Kumar 23 and weight 83kgs. I’m a pure vegetarian. And yes, I really want to lose weight as soon as possible, I’ve SSB interview in couple of months and weight really matters.

    What kind of workouts should I do continuously so as to lose around 20kgs in very quick time. I have to travel around 20-25 kms for gym, so that is not possible for me. Would like to ask you about the type of diet I should start right away and also kind of workouts at home so as to lose weight very badly.

    So please suggest me what to do, I’m desperate to lose my weight.

    One more query I have– I have dark circles under my eyes, people ask me to sleep more, I do it, but that is what makes those dark circles even more darker and makes me feel awkward.

    Please help me with my queries .

    Thank you 🙂


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