The Chewing Game

A very very recent thing I’ve come up with- chewing.

I know what you’re thinking, we all chew , right? Like since we were little kids we learnt how to chew and it’s a part of our daily life so we have never paid attention to it. Read the last eight words of the previous sentence now. Yes, that’s the issue- we have never paid attention to it.

I have a really skinny friend who eats so so slowly and has a tremendously great metabolism. Whenever we go out, I am done with my meal and that person hasn’t even finished half of it and usually ends up getting full without finishing the entire portion. He told me, ‘Chew your food mindfully, Niharika. And you’ll see the difference for yourself.”

Also, haven’t we read it so often? About chewing and how absolutely necessary it is.

So I did what I was told to do. It’s only been about two weeks. I chew, slowly and mindfully. I chew till the food becomes as thin as water. I won’t deny the fact that it is really boring sometimes. Oh, and sometimes I also ‘forget to chew’. But I’ve been trying it as much as I can and it’s extremely helpful. The results?  I get full so early! I do spend about 20 minutes or so eating slowly but I get full with a smaller portion of food and I get to relish it properly.

When we swallow food, our digestive system tries to breakdown the food. When we chew, we have already done half it’s job to break down the food and our body absorbs the nutrients from it. When you swallow chunks, you’re stressing your body a lot more to breakdown food and some food would not even get broken, and now you know how are you getting fat, makes sense? Oh, and when you eat mindlessly, you obviously eat more than required. Extra calories and kilos here too. Do the bells ring now?

Source : Google

Try it and tell me how it’s working out for you. It will surely help you drop some kilos before you even realise! 🙂

Also, sorry for not answering a question last Sunday. No excuses, I was just lazy :/ I promise to answer this weekend!


  1. Thank you for this!! I think the practice of mindful eating: chewing slowly, putting the fork down between bites, gratitude for the food’s origin and existence, observing the flavor, texture and taste sensation, are practices that help us become better stewards of our bodies but also better human beings. It is a type of yoga, or expression of our essence.


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