Why I prefer home workouts to the classic gym


As I type this, I have gone to the gym for two and a half years (consistently, and a few months here and there otherwise) and there is no doubt that it is gymming which made me lose all those 20+ kgs. However, around three months back I shifted to working out at home (a review on the workout I did is next up) and I shall never return to the gym again. Why?

1.The lazy (and busy) person’s best friend

If you are as lazy as me, nothing beats it when you just have to walk a few steps to start working out! There’s no excuse of ‘who’ll go so far’ because your gym is your living room or your own bedroom.

2. Most comfortable attire

I usually worked out in my boxers and a night suit t-shirt. No more matching clothes and fussing over what to wear, just wear shoes straight out of bed and you’re set.


Clicked in May 2016

3. More productivity

You are actually working out ALL the time. No waiting for machines, finding dumbbells, looking for a spot or a bench, waiting after reps. You’re on your tips through out and working out and not wasting any time.

4. Less time

Most of us are super busy with college or jobs and it is fantastic if you are one of those few who are actually making an effort to exercise, home workouts save a lot of time since there’s no transit to the gym and the workouts are also 30-60 minutes roughly. This saves the 1.5-2 hours you usually spend at gym and then travel back and forth. Moreover, you can even workout while travelling with no additional costs involved!

5. Variety

From yoga to HIIT to weights, you can do anything you want under one roof at your own speed. Group classes can sometimes be competitive and exclusive classes here and there in different centres can be expensive, so you do a workout of your choice in your own comfort zone. Like I could finally do HIIT properly unlike being the only one doing it in the hall in the gym. You can check out the programs by Beachbody (one of the leading companies) here. I have completed Insanity Max 30 and have completed a week of Insanity.

6. Break the monotony

No more monotonous routines of ‘a few minutes of cardio followed by weights and then stretching’. If you are doing a home workout program online, it is usually 60-90 days. Apart from that even if you are doing workouts from YouTube, every workout is very different and you get to do something new everyday instead of just lifting weights.

7. Strengthening on your own body weight

Of course just because you have to burn that fat doesn’t mean you have to do only cardio (check weight loss myths), and I thought how would I manage building lean muscle without actually lifting weights. Surprisingly, home workouts gave me better defined muscles than conventional weight lifting! That’s because you are building muscles by resisting against your own body weight (plank jacks, push-up jacks, downward dogs, spider lunges, etc all in a speedy manner without compromising form). Its harder to work on your own body weight and that’s what makes it extremely challenging, and gives great results too.

Note : The above is for lean muscle and fat loss, if you are looking to become bulky you would need to lift weights.


So what I would personally suggest is to do home workouts if you just cannot manage to take out time for gym, or join the gym, lose a little fat, and define your body more with these workouts.


Thank you for reading. You can follow my Instagram handle to get regular healthy updates 🙂  Also, I am not entertaining questions for a while for QOTW as I have too many right now, so you can post your query in the comments section for a quick reply 🙂






  1. I went through your posts on quora and eventually to your blog.
    Your writing style is excellent and each of your post has valuable information.
    Keep up the good work 🙂
    May I also request to share the list of good books related to nutrition, maintaining body weight etc (Sorry, if it is already posted and I did not search it)

    Again, thanks for your work and your are making someone’s day better everyday 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks a ton! I like all 3 books by Rujuta Diwekar and a book called Eat Delete (sorry I cant remember the author). Apart from that I read a lot of articles online 🙂

      Niharika Sodhi

      On Thu, Jul 21, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Food & Fitness Theory wrote:


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  2. I usually worked out in my boxers and a night suit t-shirt. No more matching clothes and fussing over what to wear, just wear shoes straight out of bed and you’re set.


  3. Hi Niharika,
    Would you be able to share your workout routine?
    What workouts do you do and time spent?
    I am aiming for weight loss and would like to follow a workout routine from home instead of gymming cz of work and travel ( Bangalore Traffic! :/)
    Any help would be appreciated 🙂


  4. Hi Niharika,

    I am 20 years old n weight 75 kg. According my height mg weight should be 62-63 kg. I have joined a gym to start my weight loss journey but I am really confused about my diet. I am vegetarian and eat home made food 6 days out of 7. I will be really thankfull if you could help me plan my meals or what to eat per day
    Thank you


    1. Hey, I am sorry but I dont believe in planned diets. I can’t set food for you, you should eat what you like. Make sure your food is made in less oil and isn’t fried. Apart from that, have a lot of vegetables and have food high in protein like tofu, chana, daal (except black), broccoli, and dry fruits as they will supplement you well since you are already going to the gym.


  5. With due respect for running, this article conveys a bit of misinformation.

    There’s no “lean muscle” vs “bulky muscle.” Muscle is muscle. “Bulky” is just when people get fat on top of gaining muscle. And what many refer to as “lean muscle” is just fat loss, which improves the definition of existing muscle.

    Most home workouts are basically just fancy cardio sessions (nothing wrong with it if you enjoy it), which don’t do jack to improve the amount of lean muscle tissue on one’s body because of the lack of resistance–the exception to this is when you do proper, structured calisthenics training.

    Most people’s end goal is not fat loss / muscle gain, but a change in body composition. In that department, there’s literally no form of training (home, jogging, Zumba, etc) that even come remotely close to resistance training in terms of efficacy. Women’s training, unfortunately, is so ridiculously misrepresented that most women (more so in India) never end up optimizing their training.

    This is of course not a personal criticism or one of your blog, but of the subject matter. Still, great job for putting out something related to health. Kudos.


    1. Hi, there’s no lack of resistance because you are using your own body weight as resistance instead of dumbells 🙂 thank you for your time but maybe you should research a little more on this topic. Good day!


      1. For the most part, (I added structured calisthenics as an exception) the body wouldn’t make hypertrophic adaptations to the low-intensity body weight resistance. Otherwise, marathon runners would have the best lower body development (they don’t).

        Either way, it’s not that they are completely useless, but beyond burning another 250 cals most home workouts do nothing on top to improve body composition. Meanwhile, weight training actually increases the lbm on top.



  6. Hi. Great blog. Very simple yet inspiring.
    My question to you is, I also have a ligament and menascal tear (had to get knee surgery two years ago) and I have been 20 to 25 kya overweight for the past several years. Instead of going to the gym, where many things are prohibited for me, can one do Insanity Max straightaway? Will it help with the weight loss and the overall shedding of heaviness?
    Thank you.


    1. Hey! So Insanity Max 30 is super intense and I could only do it after I strengthened my knee in the gym for 2 years. I feel gym and yoga is the safest option for you. I honestly do now know what a menascal tear, but ask your doctor if you could brisk walk or do cycling or use the elliptical ? A part from that you can do a lot of exercises which do not strain your knee. Also I am assuming that you too have to strengthen the muscle around your ligament ( I had to since I didn’t get a surgery). Also, eat healthy before everything else! Best of luck 🙂


      1. Thank you for your reply. Yes that’s very true. I have been asked to do knee strengthening exercises and also figure out a way to lose the weight because of the pressure it puts on the knee. Sadly all the activities that helped me do that in the gym earlier like skipping, jogging, cross trainer and stairs are now prohibited. Is there anything else that can help with the same intensity?


  7. What do you mean by home workout? Without equipment? What can i do as a beginner ? Can you suggest something? I live in a hostel and i have no access to gym. I am 21and 85 kg.


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