Eating local

I have never understood people’s idea of becoming slim and healthy by popping in a salad. When you want to lose weight, you start eating salads because low cal and more fiber. Even when you genuinely like salad and order it, the first question you are asked is ‘Are you on a diet?’ Why are we so afraid of calories? Isn’t roti and sabzi healthy? Isn’t that what you’ve been brought up with? In this article we will talk about the importance of eating food we are brought up with and not what we read online!

I was in a boarding school (in North of India) for 5 years where every alternate Sunday we got idli & sambar, and those were the Sundays when I skipped breakfast, that’s how much I despised it. Two weeks into Bangalore (which is in the South) and I absolutely love idli! So much that was craving for it this summer when I was in Delhi. Why is it so?

Whenever my friends ask me to ‘give them a diet’, the only thing I do is add and subtract a few things. Why make something which will make them struggle for a month and hate their idea of ‘fitness’ and ‘weight-loss’ when you can add things that they actually like and make them love the healthy lifestyle? What is the point of eating something you are not used to for a month- that’s torturous! Also, they’ll gain it back anyway! I cannot tell someone from Delhi to eat uttapams everyday because they are light, or idlis because of its impeccable fibre, but what I can tell is to add curd and white butter and subtract oil from their paranthas. That’s how my idea of a diet works. The other day a friend told me about a diet plan he was following which was by an American and consisted of food like blueberries and other exotic things which are unavailable in India. Now tell me, how beneficial will that be for you? One needs to eat what they are accustomed to. Of course if you are in a different country, eating their local food is healthier than fetching for your food as that wont be as fresh and nutritious.

Most of you are afraid of stepping in a healthy lifestyle without even trying it, that’s because it is portrayed as ‘stop eating everything you like and start eating salads’ and that’s not true at all. In fact, it is all about eating what you like, eating the home food you have been brought up with because that is the best for your mind and body! So eat your aloo ka paranthas for breakfast and modify it so it isn’t extremely oily and not made in maida, and you have already started your journey to become better than what you were yesterday 🙂


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  1. I think this is true as we North East Indians eat rice and I moved to Delhi only a couple of years ago and I’m trying to lose weight. All my friends here suggest I eat roti instead of rice which I hate. Even when I eat I don’t feel full and hunger strikes soon


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