I just read your answer on quora and it was really inspiring,i got a question what is your opinion on eating lays and other junkfood atleast once a week when trying to lose weight,i ate a whole packet of it and now i feel guilty.I have lost

I’m currently full with taking in more questions so you can drop in your queries in the comments below instead of the contact tab above. Thank you !


  1. Hi niharika 🙂 .I read your blogs and it’s worth reading.I was born skinny but after being diagnosed with tb i had to gain more weight.My doctors suggested me to go on a junk diet like eating lots of pizzas,burgers and all other heavy foods.To be honest after gaining weight i looked much pretty.But i gained a lot of weight on my hips and thighs and because of that people started mocking me.So i started doing yoga,going for morning walks and running everyday and lost 11 kgs. But my face looks pale now. Any suggestions for the face?
    Thank you.


    1. Heyyy, firstly one should gain weight in a healthy way and not on a junk diet :/ Anyway, about your face looking pale- are you eating well? You need to discontinue junk now and eat super healthy and have lots and lots of water. Apart from that, you may be lacking iron (?) So yeah, eat well and drink a lot of water and let me know if that helps.

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