Hey niharika!! I am 25 years old, height 5'3-, weighing 54 kg. I wish to shed few kgs along with my belly fat. I already do 40 min of workout which includes 20 min HIIT and 20 min stretching. I avoid fried and junk foo (3).png

Hi Priyanka!

First of all, I feel that your weight is totally fine. Of course, I don’t know if its muscle weight or more of fat, but it’s a perfectly normal weight.

About your belly fat, are you eating clean? Which also subsequently answers your second question. Tummy is shed in the kitchen, not in the gym. I don’t have any diet plan since I too depend on PG or college food, all I do is make it a point to eat clean and eat something which is rich in fibre so I get full for a long time. I completely understand how difficult it must be for you because I experience the same thing.

Firstly, I would suggest you a change in workout. You don’t need 20 minutes stretching at all! Make it 20min HIIT, 15min exercises, 5 min stretching in your 40min window. Secondly, does your tiffin service give healthy food ? Also, can you request them to make food in minimal oil? Thirdly, are you eating after every 2 hours? Even having something like almonds 2 hours after lunch is a good snack which will give you energy instead of feeling sluggish. Eat even if you are not hungry, because eating a lot later on when you feel hungry will obviously lead to over-eating.

This is what I do, sticking to the basics πŸ™‚ HIIT itself is great for belly fat, and once you have your diet in place, it shouldn’t be that big a problem. Hope it helped πŸ™‚



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