Weight-loss Myths!

A lot of us follow blindly about what others tell us, without ever researching about it and finding out if you should actually be following it or not. Here are a few-


Longer workout = faster weight loss

There are people who would work out 2.5 hours in the gym every single day. Do you know after 1 hour of working out your body produces a hormone called cortisol (stress hormone) which leads to weight gain instead? Also, 10 minutes of high intensity interval training (HIIT) is almost equal to 15 minutes of walking on the treadmill. So the amount of time you workout for is not directly related to how much weight you would lose.

More/only cardio = more fat loss

More than 25 minutes of cardio is exertion, you don’t ‘need’ it. I see people on the treadmill for like an hour so that they can feel satisfied seeing the amount of calories burnt go higher on it. Yes, cardio burns calories. But long duration of cardio every single day is of no use because your body will eventually adapt to it and no ‘fat loss’ any more. Also, you have to do weights!
“Weight training will make me bulky, I want to be slim.”

Okay very simple theory- cardio burns fat only when you are doing it and weight training burns fat through out the day. Which means, muscle tissue burns more calories and fat even when you are at rest because after weight training, for your muscles to repair fat is used and hence fat loss. Also, weight training never makes you bulky (unless you have extremely high testosterone levels), it tones you so you don’t have saggy skin.


                                                               Source : Google

Strict only-protein diet

You have to consume your macros every single day- which are protein, fat, and carbohydrates. These three macro-nutrients are required for your body to function efficiently. Skipping or over-doing is not a good decision at all. Look for a balance instead!

Strict fruit-and-vegetable diet

Not gonna explain the same thing about macros again but you really do need your bread, roti, cheese, oil, lentil, etc. You cannot eliminate macro-nutrients and expect great results.


Source : Google

Eat less = less calories = no weight gain

Fact : Under-eating leads to weight gain

You have to eat the amount of calories your body requires, and its not only about calories, its about nutrition. Which means, you can’t replace your lunch with a 300 calorie chocolate truffle cake because of its calorie count- that leads to excess sugar intake, no fiber intake, no nutrition intake and hence an unhealthy body.  In the long run, it also reduces your metabolic rate.

‘Compensating’ meals

So you had two scoops of ice cream and brownie and now you’re feeling guilty, hence  you choose to skip your next meal in order to ‘compensate’ for the sinful dessert you just consumed. Sounds fine, because you get to compensate extra calories, jumping back to nutrition- are your macros being met? Is this good for your body? Next time, instead of feeling guilty and skipping a meal, replace it with a lighter but nutritious meal (eggs, curd, bread) because your body needs to be fed well.

“I need to lose x amount of weight in a week.”

Did you gain that amount of weight in a week? Nope. You can’t lose it in a week either (unless you plan to go for fad diets). Lose weight slowly and stably, not in a hurry. It’s a slow process, but its worth it for that body!


Source : Google


  1. Hi there, i was reading quora today morning n i saw ur pic (earlier-present) then i was like, damn i should definitely readit , and here i’am reading ur blog through instagram.
    Im really inspired by seeing your efforts to losing weight, i used to 50kg, 5.4ft, n now i have gain 8kg within 1 year, which is alot. Im starting to love ur blog with one glance. Keep on posting it , its really helpful, not to mention but i have taken a screenshot so that i wud make a routine based on ur guideline. Thanks for the post. You go girl, some people on social media would like to bring u down,(quora girl) but nothing can win u over, cz u know who u are.


  2. I am 21years old and my tummy line is so bulging out. I am on clean diet since past 2 months and doing exercise little a bit also but I didn’t even lose 1 kg. I am currently 59kgs. I want to lose ateast 5-6 kgs in 2 months. Is that possible ?


    1. Hey there, tummy is very slow for people sometimes (for me as well!). Keep working for it, tummy is mainly dependent on nutrition more than exercising. Increase your protein intake and you can try HIIT workouts for burning fat .

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Niharika,
    First of all heartily congratulations to you on this great journey ..And you truely are an inspiration babe.
    Honestly speaking I Have been under depression since last 2 years now due to my body issues. I M just 20 and weigh 78 kgs(5″4height) ..M soo beyond frustrated at myself for letting my body in this shape…I just have nobody to guide me correctly or even to motivate. I binge eat majority of times and Started smoking as well since the Beginning of this year.
    Niharika I don’t know how would your take it but I’ll be 21 in Jan and I don’t wanna be the same person both physically and mentally the way I M today.
    I need You..your help..your support and guidance to bring a change now . I M just done with this shitty life and due to all this M not even able to concentrate on my Carrier which threats me over and out again.
    I hope you read this and revert back because you are my last ray of hope girl. 🙂
    Lots of love!!


  4. I read ur article…. I cleared my myths really…. Bt i need a help dear
    Its getting worse day by day.. I am 5’6 n weigh 89.5… M in overweight category having bmi 33…. Which is definitely not close to ideal one which shud be in range of 22-24.. I have to lose weight… I hv joined gym various tymz..bt didn’t continued ever for a long time… Now I really think I should lose at home… can u help me in making my exercise time table so that I can get a overall schedule n stick to it…
    I have idea of plank pilates burpees cardio strengthening n all bt how to arrange them n how to do them in systematic way…? M waiting for ur reply plz do reply…
    Can u gv me a screenshot of time table directly in my id
    It will be better… Only if u can


  5. People are smitten by thin and lean body and in order to gain such a body people start following various weight loss myths like increasing their work out hours, eating less, avoiding carbohydrates, etc. But instead of going for a weigh loss program its better to follow a balanced and healthy diet.


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